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Festive and vibrant acrylic pour with gold.

The Story of Enchanting Artistry presented by Mindee Beaver Designs

Enchanting Artistry presented by Mindee Beaver Designs found success as a grassroots "kitchen start-up"—that is, converting the kitchen and living room into makeshift studios and later scraping the splatters off the tile floor—shortly after its founding in 2017 by owner and artist Mindee Beaver. Beginning with motion-filled acrylic pours and furniture refinishing to eventually transitioning into the hyper-realism of watercolor portraits, Enchanting Artistry has a little bit of everything to accommodate for your every artistic need. 

The Story of Mindee


Portrait of Mindee Beaver sitting amongst her artwork.

I'm a wife and mother of two adult children living in Plano, Texas. I like to think of myself as an accidental artist; I am not someone who could draw or paint growing up... although I did color within the lines. 

I’ve always been a creative person, with music as my first passion. I’ve played piano since I was 7 years old and sang since I was a pre-teen, and still do both today. In fact, when I was growing up, I wanted to be a concert pianist or music teacher. Rather than my hands holding a paintbrush, they were dancing across keys.


When it came time for college, my focus changed completely and I decided I wanted to pursue psychiatry, although I continued to sing in the Austin College Acapella Choir and various choirs at TCU. I only took one art class in college and barely passed. Needless to say, a career in art never even entered my mind. Eventually I ended up in the commercial insurance industry specializing in oil, gas, marine, and aerospace.

After I got married and had children, I grew very active in the kids’ elementary school PTA board where I became the creator of the school​ yearbook. This was the first time I indulged in a creative outlet outside music, and the artistic aspect of it quickly became a passion. When my children moved on from elementary school and I no longer was creating the yearbook, I realized how much I missed that creative outlet and the feeling of taking a blank page and turning it into something that people would cherish for years. 

Before I knew it, I had paintings drying in the kitchen, a painting table in the den, furniture I was refinishing and painting in the dining room, and canvases being worked on in my office space. (I had taken over the house—thank goodness my husband was supportive and didn’t mind.) If it is standing still in my house, it will be covered in paint—people and pets included! I am definitely happiest sporting my paint-splattered clothes and sandals (I admit, there could be some socks and sandals going on here... but that's only when it's cold outside!).

I used to mainly use acrylics, but in the fall of 2021, I decided to try watercolors; this medium had always made me nervous because I’d heard how hard it was to control. Not to mention, watercolors are just so different from textures and characteristics of acrylics. I ended up taking an animal portrait watercolor course on Domestika and loved it! It was the first time I painted something that wasn’t some sort of abstract—it was an actual animal! Finally, I tried painting pet portraits on my own and things just took off from there.

Here at Enchanting Artistry, you'll find everything from normal paintings and abstracts to palette knife creations, fluid art, hyper-realistic pet portraits, and even made-over furniture. Take a look around and if anything catches your eye, shoot me a message over email or using the online chat!

Thanks for stopping by, and check back often because I will continue to upload pictures of my latest creations. You just never know what you might find to brighten your day!

Many blessings,


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